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Latest from the Blog

Blackbird Doughnuts, June 2020 (National Donut Day!)

National Donut Day! Doughnut? Maybe this should be settled (spoiler alert, I’m not going to settle it). I did extensive research (Wikipedia) to find the etymology of the word, and didn’t really get a whole in-depth explanation. Which is surprising. Wikipedia is the go-to for all important information and is completely exhaustive in its clarity.…

Kane’s Donuts, May 2020

I walked into the shop with my sunglasses on. It’s a dumb pet peeve when people wear sunglasses inside. I don’t know what happened. I drove up to Kane’s, got in the drive-thru lane, but broke off and grabbed a parking spot because it looked quicker. I usually have my sunny weather driving routine down:…

PVDonuts, May 2020

These are weird times. I’ve been judging donut shops on how well they’re handling orders via online orders and doing their pickups, etc. I went to Blackbird on the last day they were open before non-essential businesses closed for the stay at home advisory, and they weren’t sure what their plans were going to be…

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